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Norenes Gjestebrygge


Cabins by the sea - fishing in the ocean.

Imagine the open sea. You're hearing the seagulls, accompanied by the lapping waves against the boat. There's a tug on the line; a large cod! The local sea eagle is paying attention from a distance. These are some of the experiences to be had at Norenes Gjestebrygge. Order a cabin with us today!

Our cabins are situated on the westcoast of Bømlo, specifically at Lykling, with the ocean as the closest neighbour. Here you can enjoy lazy days with panoramaview towards the sea and the sundown west in the horizon, or more active days with deep sea fishing and fjord-swimming. Or maybe a combination? Whatever your wishes; our cabins are available for you all year round.

For more information regarding the cabins or the boats, see "for rent".

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